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Honcharova Yevheniia



How did you experience war in 2014? What do you remember from that? How old were you? How did 2014-2015 go for you?
Please tell this story in detail.

I was studying in Luhansk when it all started. I was about 18 years old. Opposite my dorm, the "parade of welcoming russia" began: russian flags were hung, children wrote "russia" on the road, there were posters of a humorous nature from the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (I have a photos and videos). It all seemed like a "full house" situation, but I managed to finish the second year of the Faculty of German and English at the LNU of Taras Shevchenko and then come back there a month later under fire to pick up my documents. I remember that they begged me to stay and get russian education for free. I moved to Kharkiv and successfully completed my studies there. In 2014, I continued to live in Severodonetsk. The occupation started, but I stayed there because I knew that everything would be fine and Ukraine would be as well. At that time, my friends and I pasted stickers "Severodonetsk is Ukraine" at the entrances, one of them is still in my house, a hi to the orcs, hah :)

"Where were you these 8 years?".
How has this time passed for you, what changed in your life since the events of 2014?
What has influenced you the most during this time?
Please write in detail.

I lived in my city, lived in Lviv for 3-4 years, traveled, worked both abroad and in my hometown. My heart was always drawn to home, especially in difficult times. The city was improving, many new interesting people appeared, and with them - new interests and activities, all this brought us together and time ran quickly. Sometimes it seems like 2014 was yesterday, but it's actually been 8 years...

What was February 24, 2022 for you like?
Did you believe that a full-scale offensive would begin?Where are you now? What do you do?

What do you think about your future now?

I was at home. And I stayed at home for another three weeks, I thought it would all pass, but my conscience forced me to leave. We laid under fire, moved around, looked for food and each other. It was a fight for life, but everything around was like an exclusion zone, really: the eyes did not believe what they saw... I sometimes have a dream that I am rummaging in the ruins and see something from my school life, someone from my childhood, and I still do not believe that I will never see my native yard again...